ACTAMEDYA offers a wide service network to its clients in web-based broadcasting, by combining its experience in traditional TV broadcasting and production with state- of- the- art technology.
ACTAMEDYA provides web services, internet and mobile broadcasting services all over the World with its fiber and satellite infrastructure.
-  Video Streaming Services:
We convert content in any format to web-friendly formats from any resources and transmit the content to the viewers/users via internet. 
 - Transcoding Services
We convert widely used video& audio formats to web-friendly formats and make it ready for web broadcasting.
- Live Multi-stream
We instantly transmit the signal to the viewer, from any live broadcasting resource by transcoding it in different qualities. With this service, we can offer the viewer different quality options to reach the content we receive from a régie or via satellite.
- Video On Demand (VOD)
With this service, we convert already recorded content into different quality formats and offer it to the viewers. 
- Downlink Service
We downlink designated periodic and irregular satellite transmission and transcode it in order to transmit the signal to a designated centre or offer it to the audience.
- Player Support
We provide player solutions compatible with any platform requested by broadcasters.
- Web Projects and Internet TV projects
ACTAMEDYA, provides web site infrastructure services for websites and Internet TV installation/ administration services to web/internet TVs of organisations, companies and institutions.  
We are offering you the infrastructure all over the World for dedicated capacity and point to point fiber transmission services needed for intercontinental TV transmission purposes. ACTAMEDYA, with its extensive infrastructure of fiber network and various locations, offers the possibility of signal transmission with leading satellite operators worldwide such as; Turksat, Eutelsat, Intelsat, Arabsat and Intelsat.