Turksat, Musiad, TRT and Mediapro Turkey co-operation made a great advance possible in the latest broadcasting technology; 4K Ultra HD technology. During Satellite, Space and Technology Days Powered by TURKSAT, to which Transportation, Economy, Technology and Sport ministers, along with many leading names in politics, economy and technology participated. 4 of mega projects of Turkey in 4 different locations were brought together in the downlink center in Halic Congress Center to be viewed by the participants. Ultra HD graphics developed by the local software company Konatus supported the transmission which was  broadcast live on TRT 4K.The last conditions of 3rd Airport in Istanbul, 3rd Bridge on the Bosphorus strait and Izmit Gulf Passage and Turkey’s first local satellite preparations were brought to the audience in the latest broadcasting technology. The event was also produced in High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) and delivered to TV Channels with no logo. In the Ultra HD Teleconference which was the first broadcast via 4B Turksat satellite at 50 degree, we used 18 MHZ frequency satellite space for each location. PIKO 4 Encoder and modulators developed by Kıızıl Electronics in Turkey were used in the transmissions, and were favoured by broadcasters.