Live signal of Istanbul Half-Marathon was produced by ACTAMEDYA with a team of only local members and local resources. 1 Helicopter, 1 Cineflex camera, 2 Motorcycles, 2 Motorcycle Cameras, 2 OB Vans, 5 DSNGs, 2 Octocopters and 3G supported transmission systems were used for the production. The smooth production of the event was maintained by high technological co-ordination and fixed RF rely points installed in Eyüp Feshane, Yenikapı and Galata Tower helped the production to be flawless. At the start 1 Jimmy Jib, 1 Wireless camera, 1 Octocopter camera, in total 7 cameras were installed. At the finish 8 cameras were used with 1 Jimmy jib support. 28 cameras were used in the production. The event which started at 8.00 a.m. was broadcast live on NTV Spor for 3, 5 hours. 5 DSNGs were used for the main broadcaster and the details of the event were supported with 10 cameras while 1 Helicopter and 2 motorcycles helped production of the RF signal. Also the signal produced with Octocopters in HD quality, was used at start and finish points.