ACTA Medya and Media Pro/Media Luso have broadcast Basaksehir Fatih Terim Stadium opening ceremony and opening match by World Cup final standards for the first time in Turkey.

The match was played in 2 halves of 15 minutes and the teams were of 7, with participation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, important names from sportand media. Special cameras that are used in Champions League Final and World Cup such as 1 Skycam, 1 High Speed Phantom Camera, 2 Super Slow Motion camera, 1 Steadycam, 1 Jimmy Jib were used in the production. 13 team members of Media Pro and Media Luso, which are two of the most important media companies of Europe, supported the production.

ACTA Medya has also coordinated the national and international PR of the organisation. The opening ceremony and the shootings of the match were broadcast live on national TV Channels such as Lig TV, TRT Haber, AHaber, Haber Türk, NTV Spor, TV8, Ülke TV, TRT Spor, TGRT Haber, Beyaz TV, 24 TV and was broadcast on news and was also on many news web sites. The organization which was broadcast live by 25 local TV Channels was provided to international TV channels by World famous news agencies such as AFP, APTN, AA besides IHA, Cihan, DHA. BBC, CNN, ZDF, Al Arabiya,Al Jazeera were among the international TV Channels that broadcast the news of the production, and Yahoo and MSN provided an extended summary of the match for internet users.

A team of 55 executed the production, CONET News Agency and Medya3A supported the coordination.