ACTAMEDYA, has made advances in 4K & Ultra HD broadcasting in Turkey. ACTAMEDYA has realized 5 major productions in 5 months, almost making a Show of its marketing and practicing power of innovative Technologies ACTAMEDYA first produced Fenerbahce- Ajax and Galatasaray- Astana matches with Turksat and Samsung co-ordination with the technical infrastructure of its Project partner Mediapro. The match produced on 22 September was the first 4K –Ultra HD production available to the viewers by international standards in Turkey.

7 Ultra HD cameras were used in the match production. The transmission was received by European Broadcaster Union (EBU), Beinsport, BT Sports and Japanese NHK TV channel while it was also available to view at UEFA Headquarter. While Mediapro Turkey was making an important advance in broadcasting in Turkey and Europe, many first time advances were also recorded during the broadcast.7 Ultra HD camera,4 EVS XT3, 72 channels video mixer and 4K equipment were used in the production and the preparation for the production took 3 days.  25MHZ capacity was transmitted to the final viewer with 50 FPS quality via Türksat satellite. H265 (HEVC) encoding method was used for encoding of the Ultra HD images. 4K graphics by UEFA standards were used in the production as well.

 Fenerbahçe-Ajax match was an advance in Europe as well, as the first 4K transmission realized via satellite without using fiber connection, and open to the viewer as free-on- air without any encryption or membership. (We made an advance in Ultra HD & 4K Broadcasting)



Galatasaray-Astana match on 8 December 2015 was an advance as it was the first free-on-air 4K & Ultra HD broadcast by UEFA standards. 8 Ultra HD cameras, Ultra HD lenses and H265 encoding method was used, while the broadcasting was realized by cameramen and director with La Liga and El Classico matches.


The 3rd Ultra HD & 4K match production by World standards in Turkey was realized on 10 December 2015 by World standards was realized by ACTAMEDYA as well.


Fenerbahçe – Celtic match was broadcast for Tivibu with Vestel sponsorship, the co-ordination of the event and the technical infrastructure of the event were managed by ACTAMEDYA. Only the next day, the first Ultra HD & 4K video conference in the World was co-ordinated by ACTAMEDYA. The signal of the 8 cameras production was received by EBU (European Broadcasters Union) and leading international broadcasters such as SKY Sport, Bein Sport and Netflix. 


We Produced World’s First Ultra HD & 4K Videoconference


ACTAMEDYA, made another advance on 11 December 2015 in Ultra HD & 4K broadcasting in the World and made the first Ultra HD Videoconference in the world possible by co-ordinating the event and providing the technical infrastructure. Turkey became the pioneer of Ultra-HD 4K broadcast which is the state-of-the-art technology in broadcasting thanks to Türksat, Müsiad, TRT and Mediapro Turkey co-operation.  During the Satellite, Space and Technology Days Powered by Türksat, 4 of Turkey’s mage projects were made available to the participants in Halic Congress Hall in 4K technology via the downlink centers installed in the hall. The signal supported by the local graphics company Konatus was broadcast by TRT4K with Ultra HD- 4K graphics. The last conditions of 3rd bridge in Istanbul, the 3rd airport in Istanbul, and Izmit Gulf Passage and the preparations of the first local satellite of Turkey were made available to the participants and ministers in the hall received information from the authorities about the projects. The same event, was produced in High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) and the signal was distributed to TV Channels without logo and encoding. The broadcast was also the first transmission via Türksat 50 degrees 4B satellite. For the Ultra HD videoconference, for each point, 18 MHZ satellite space was used. PIKO 4 Encoder produced by the local company Kızıl Electronics was used for all the Ultra HD-4K productions and got full marks from the broadcasters. ACTAMEDYA was recorded in history as the medium which co-ordinated and made these events possible.