ACTAMEDYA, ACTA Information and ACTA Digital managed all communication, media, organisation, corporate identity and internal relations of World Motocross Championship held in Turkey
Afyonkarahisar,hosted world motocross championship which is one of the ten most popular branches of the world.   The pitch installed on a 250 m2 area and nominated as “World’s Best Motocross Pitch” hosted world famous motocross competitors and teams. The teams and FIM-Youth Stream team was hosted in Afyonkarahisar between 28 August - 3 September with 50 trucks of equipment.
ACTA Digital managed all processes of logo desing, corporate identity, corporate relations, social media pictures and champains, digital and printed visuals of  “MXGP of Afyon and MXGP of Turkey”; Turkey lap of  World Motocross Championship.
ACTAMEDYA provided all pitch services such as; production services, co-ordination with MXGP TV, promotion of the organisation, preparation of 1 minute Turkey advertorial that was broadcast by 186 broadcasters, governorship- municipality relations and team management, official and private security management.
ACTA Information and Technology run operations such as; distribution of 600 MB internet access and data and electricity cabling of the pitch, media centre and press office installation and all technical requirements of technical offices and and race centre on an area of 250.000 m2 at 15 different points.
MGXP of Turkey was broadcast live in 80 countries by channels such as; CBS, Fox Sports, Eurosport, StarSports, NOS TV and TRT Spor and was tape broadcast in 186 countries.
800 personnel worked in the organisation including professionals and volunteers, and 30.000 people were hosed in Afyon Motorsports Centre including the concert and festival area.