The first elected president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan took over presidency from Abdullah Gul. The ceremony was broadcast live during the day by TRT and ACTA Medya made its mark on the 7 hours live broadcast that was produced with helicopter and motorcycles. Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s 25 kilometers journey from his house in Keçiören to Cankaya Mansion was broadcast inch by inch. ACTA Medya produced the transmission all along the convoy with a team of 40 members, 2 motorcycle cameras and 1 helicopter camera. The signal was transferred via transfer stations that were set up on TRT building and Dikmen hill. The production got the thumps up by the audience and TRT management. The live signal of TRT was broadcast by Turkish TV Channels, as well as international TV channels and news agencies. The risks in the signals were minimized by means of the coordination with the other 3 helicopters that provided security of the convoy. The RF transmission that was produced by a purely Turkish team for the first time in Turkey got full marks from the authorities. Meanwhile ACTA Medya provided special camera systems to TRT for the broadcast of extraordinary general assembly of the ruling party AKP on 28 August 2014 Thursday. The spider cam that was installed on the ceiling reflected the organization from different dimensions, one 4K and three 3D cameras were used. 4K and 3D shootings made history as the first Ultra HD and 3D recordings of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and for the first time a news content was shot by special cameras. ACTA Medya which has broadcast Eurasia Marathon live for the last two years, has been host broadcast of organizations such as World Archery Championship and International Fetih Archery Championship. Being specialized in sports broadcasting, ACTA Medya has been a top provider of football and basketball league transmissions, and in August for the first time used three special cameras; High Speed, Super Slow Motion and Skycam at once in the same match.